Downtown Birmingham has more SPORTS!

March 2, 2023 · Engage, Entertainment, Visit

(Image from Southern Intrigue)

Did you know Birmingham is home to 5 pro-sports teams? Within the past 10 years, the Magic City has welcomed a professional basketball, soccer, baseball, football, and even a hockey team! Last year, Protective Stadium had a whopping 667.6K visitors in their stands which beat Regions Field by 157.4K! These sports teams and therefore stadiums not only bring revenue but hundreds of jobs and business openings in Downtown Birmingham. Supporting your community can be as easy as rooting for your favorite local sports team. With Birmingham on the rise, who knows what other sports team the city might gain!

Legion Soccer Club, USFL Stallions, and Minor League Barons seasons are about to begin, here’s what you need to know for the 2023 pro-sports season.

Protective Stadium:

Home of the Birmingham Legion FC, USFL Stallions, and UAB Football

Legion FC and USFL Stallion ticket prices begin at $10

Before the game:

During the game:

After the game:

Regions Field

Home of the Birmingham Barons

Ticket prices begin at $10

Before the game:

During the game:

After the game:

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The Official Downtown BHM Coffee Trail!

Birmingham is home to many unique and fun coffee destinations. With over 15 coffee shops in the Birmingham Metro area, we created a coffee trail to help you navigate the best spots in town for a delicious cup of joe. This extensive trail extends across Birmingham and can take several trips to complete it. Make sure to tag us in your photos with #bhmhasmore and #bhmhasmorecoffee!

The Linn Henley Research Library is the best-kept secret in Birmingham!

Why should you CHECK OUT the Linn Henley Research Library? From its neoclassical look on the outside to the intricate murals in the reading room, the Linn Henley Research Library is a great place to spend your quiet time or deep dive into some research. Find out more information about the artist who painted the murals, history, and even where to find parking here!