Behind the magic of Urban Parc, Birmingham’s newest restaurant and bar!

June 16, 2023 · Dining, Entertainment, Live, Visit

The culinary scene keeps getting bigger here in Birmingham! Urban Parc, a new restaurant and bar in Five Points South, opened its doors back in May. Inside, you’ll quickly realize that this establishment is anything but typical. From the state-of-the-art arcade area equipped with a bowling alley to the breathtaking rooftop bar, Urban Parc offers a diverse array of experiences that will leave you in awe.  But that’s not all, nestled within you’ll discover a refined fine dining section with a selection full of delicious entrees. But behind this amazing idea, local well-known foodies made this all possible.

Introducing the duo behind this exceptional restaurant: Draper Mason, the visionary owner, and Parie Cobb, the culinary mastermind as the head chef. Together, they have created a unique experience here in BHM for all ages to enjoy. You might know Draper Mason from Urban Smoke, a bar and grill located in Fairfield. Draper knew he had something more to offer his community and always loved Five Points. When he noticed the location was vacant, he jumped on the opportunity.

“I wasn’t looking for anything specific, but I frequent 5 Points and felt that Birmingham was missing a fun and different experience downtown,” said Draper.

Once the ball got rolling, Draper searched for the missing puzzle piece to make his dream a reality. When he was introduced to King Cobb, Parie Cobb’s catering business, he knew he struck gold. With Parie’s experience and passion for food, they collaborated to create a delicious menu with both bar snacks and upscale entrees for Urban Parc.

The space required significant effort, but with the touch of local artists, it transformed into a vibrant event space. A Nichel hand-painted the mural coming down the steps, and florist, Christopher Lauren designed and installed the hanging flowers on the rooftop and the exclusive restaurant area. The renovations took several months however with help from local organizations including REV Birmingham 😉, and of course the support of the community, Urban Parc has now served 7,500 customers since their soft opening on May 1st.  

“Urban Parc offers multiple experiences in one space downtown,” said Draper.

Make sure to check them out Wednesday through Sunday!

What can you expect at Urban Parc?

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