Introducing the six businesses that call Nextec home

On the corner of 3rd Avenue and 16th Street North, you’ll find Nextec, a redevelopment of the 90-year-old, 65,000-square-foot Edwards Motor Company building (also formerly known as the Sticks ‘N’ Stuff building). With experience in historic renovation, developer Michael Mouron, chairman of Capstone Real Estate Investments, began this civic project in 2021 as a space for business startups to continue their work in the Magic City.

How the latest developments in The Switch district are impacting Birmingham

The final touches are coming together for the grand opening of the Nextec building in the Switch district. Conveniently located a block away from the Innovation Depot, graduates from the depot and other entrepreneurs have a place to go after successfully launching their business off the ground. Continue reading to find out more about the district and newest developments.