Love where you live: A residential guide for Downtown Birmingham

March 10, 2022 · Live, Uncategorized

Looking to find a place to call home in the heart of Birmingham? Downtown Birmingham is one of the most diverse districts in the region and it truly has it all. From an abundance of dining options, nightlife, history, culture and attractions there is no better place to be right now! As downtown continues to rapidly grow, so is the residential population and the common misconception that living there is not affordable is beginning to become a myth. Whether you’re into a more modern look or you want a place that captures downtown’s historic charm, there’s sure to be a place that fits your needs – and budget!

We’ve compiled a list of just a few of Downtown Birmingham’s apartments for you to check out, plus we’ve included a couple of upcoming developments for you to keep an eye on. But there is so much more out there. Whether you do a quick Google search or drive through downtown to see what you can find, we guarantee there’s something out there for you!


Price Range: $900 – $2,100

Size Range: 700 sq. ft. -1500 sq. ft.

Floor Plan Options: 1 Bed, 1 Bath; 2 Bed, 1.5 Bath; 3 Bed, 2 Bath


Price Range: $910 – 1,720

Size Range: 300 – 770 sq ft

Floor Plan Options: Studio – 2 Bedroom; 1 Bath


Price Range: $1,087 – 2,495

Size Range: 423 – 1,499 sq ft

Floor Plan Options: 1 – 3 Bedroom; 1 – 3 Bath


Price Range: $599 – $1,499 per person

Size Range: 452 – 2,158 sq ft

Floor Plan Options: Studio – 4 Bedroom; 1 – 4 Bath


Price Range: $1,585 – 2,285

Size Range: 720 – 1,093 sq ft

Floor Plan Options: 1 – 2 Bedroom; 1 – 2 Bath


Price Range: $1,498 – $3,445

Size Range: 611-1,126 sq ft

Floor Plan Options: Studio – 2 Bedroom; 1 – 2 Bath

Upcoming listings to keep an eye on!

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