Part of Downtown Birmingham’s secret sauce is a tool that cities across the world use to create and manage vibrant downtowns—a Business Improvement District (BID). Birmingham’s BID includes the CAP clean and safe team, REV’s downtown team doing projects small and large that improve places, and even the creation of management of this website. Keep reading to learn more!

About Downtown’s Business Improvement District

Did you know the City Center is home to Birmingham’s Business Improvement District (BID)?

A BID is designated by ordinance as a district where property owners formally pool their resources to provide supplemental services to build on those provided by the city—sidewalk sweeping, trash removal, security, special events, marketing programs, etc.

It’s paid for by those property owners via a special assessment. Think of it as a homeowner’s association for a district. Those extra services can make districts more competitive by creating a cleaner, more attractive district and giving it a distinctive identity.

So who makes sure all that happens?

The property owners of downtown are represented by a board of directors called the City Center District Management Corporation. The CCDMC board is comprised of property owners or representatives of property owners, and one-third of seats are held, by state law, for property owners representing the lower third of properties by value. The CCDMC contracts REV Birmingham to manage the City Center BID, from overseeing the CAP clean and safe program to facilitating public space improvements to creating this website that helps people navigate and plug into downtown. REV Birmingham is a place-based revitalization and economic development nonprofit with a mission to create vibrant commercial districts.

2024 CCDMC Board Meeting Schedule

All meetings are at the offices of Balch & Bingham at 4 p.m. unless otherwise specified. Meetings in bold are open to members of the public.

Billing questions regarding your CCDMC assessment? Email billing@downtownbhm.com or call 205-994-9902. If you prefer to pay your assessment online with a credit card or ACH, we can email your invoice directly to you.

New BID Sub-District Information

On Dec. 12, 2023, Birmingham City Council approved an amendment to a city ordinance to allow the City Center Business Improvement District (BID) to expand into two additional downtown districts, Five Points South and The Switch. That means new services like the CAP clean and safe program, as well as district management and promotion, are on the way. To learn more about these  upcoming changes, mark your calendars for one of two upcoming Town Halls:

Five Points South

📅: Monday, February 26
⏰: 12 – 1 p.m.
📍: Highlands United Methodist Church (1045 20th St. S)

The Switch

📅: Wednesday, February 28
⏰: 12 – 1 p.m.
📍: So So Spiffy Home Staging and Design (1218 2nd Ave. N)

Find more information about the district efforts thus far by clicking the buttons below.

Clean & Safe

Ensuring that downtown feels safe and clean to its residents, employees and visitors is the foundation for creating vibrant places! Downtown’s CAP Clean & Safe Program is one of those extra services funded by the BID.

CAP safety ambassadors welcome you to Birmingham’s City Center, patrolling on foot, Segways and bikes. Their visibility and attention often deter bad behavior and activities, and they look for opportunities to help people and tidy up our district as they’re out and about.

How can CAP help you? Call 205-251-0111 to request help within the City Center Business Improvement District.

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