Make plans to experience downtown as The World Games comes to town!

July 6, 2022 · Entertainment, Live, Uncategorized, Visit

By David Fleming 
REV Birmingham President & CEO 

In a few days, The World Games will be bringing a few extra thousand people to our city. The excitement in Birmingham is palpable! We’re looking forward to… 

Now, I’ve heard murmurs of worries about the crowd’s impact on downtown office workers who are in or near The World Games footprint or for the ability to visit popular downtown restaurants and bars. I want to take this opportunity to say please don’t avoid downtown during The World Games.  


Because this is our time to show the world the vibrancy we’ve been building for years in downtown Birmingham! We need locals to keep going to their favorite downtown restaurants and bars, and we need downtown employees outside the secure TWG perimeter to work downtown just as much as they normally would.  

If everyone stays home to avoid the hustle and bustle of The Games, visitors will see only a fraction of the energy, the people, the beauty of Birmingham’s City Center. And you would be missing out on an event of a lifetime coming to our downtown. Don’t you want the world to see the real deal – our active, vibrant downtown? And don’t you want to be able to say you witnessed the world coming to the streets of Birmingham?  

Downtown employers and employees – take a close look at the road closure maps released by the City of Birmingham at If your workplace is within the secure perimeter, you will have to make adjustments. Everyone else, please choose to spend time downtown during this historic event! You are an important part of vibrancy downtown – plus, it’ll be amazing to witness and become a part of the extra vibrancy The World Games will bring to our beautiful city. 

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Downtown Birmingham has plenty of parking during The World Games (and beyond)!

The World Games are here, and Birmingham is playing host to visitors from all over the globe! There are some road closures for security, and we’ve seen huge crowds for events like Sumo Wrestling, Parkour, and the Opening Ceremonies, but navigating the city this week is nothing to be scared of. We scoped out some of the best parking spots for you throughout Downtown Birmingham that are easily accessible to the general public! Keep reading to check out the full list.

Taking a look back at the history of the Concord Center

Earlier this month, the Concord Center gathered its original team of developers, contractors, and architects to open a time capsule that was buried 20 years ago when the building first opened its doors. The time capsule contained a variety of memorabilia which dated back to the early 2000s. The Concord Center, which opened in 2002 as a new office building in Downtown Birmingham, was a pivotal development in sustaining offices and employment downtown over the last two decades. Want to learn more about why exactly this building is so significant to the history of Birmingham? Keep reading to find out!